Teletubbies Colours Yellow - HD Video-124:41

Teletubbies Colours Yellow - HD Video-1


Little Bo Peep and her sheep

Tinky Winky is out for an walk then an Voice Trumpet rises and says the colour "Yellow" an cloud appears and turns Yellow then the Windmill starts spinning and the Teletubbies watch some children learn about the colour yellow, and also the Little Bo Peep event before the Magic Windmill stopped spinning for Tubby bye bye.

Plot (US Version)

Tinky Winky is out for a walk when a voice trumpet rises. It repeats the word yellow and Tinky Winky is intrigued and repeats the word after the voice microphone. A yellow cloud appears in the sky and floats above Tinky Winky. Then the Teletubbies watch a group of children looking at the color yellow. They look at various yellow objects and paint a big yellow picture. The Teletubbies play a hiding game. They also dance a Bumps-a-daisy Dance.


This is the first Colours episode to have a Magical Event.

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