The Lion

The Scary Lion

The Teletubbies listen to a voice trumpet say "How Now Brown Cow", then they watch some children explore the colour brown. In Teletubbyland, the Lion and Bear play hide and seek before the Magic Windmill stops spinning and it is time for Tubby bye-bye.

Featuring: The Children of Oxhey Infants School

Plot (US Version)

The Teletubbies listen to a voice trumpet say "How Now Brown Cow", then they watch some children explore the color brown. Inside the Home Hill, Laa-Laa feels like having Tubby Toast. Tinky-Winky, out for a walk, smells the Tubby Toast and decides to go and have some as well. But the Tubby Toaster makes too much Tubby Toast all over inside the Home Hill! Soon there is Tubby Toast all the table, the floor, the beds and Tinky-Winky! There is Tubby Toast everywhere! Lots of Tubby Toast for Noo Noo, for Po, for Laa-Laa, for Dipsy, for Tinky-Winky and for the rabbits! Lots of Tubby Toast for everybody! Afterwards, The Magic Windmill begins to spin with (the whooshing sound) and the Teletubbies say Uh-oh (same sound in Here Comes the Teletubbies before the credits) and they run off and then The Magic Windmill spins (with the first beginning of the magical event tune) and then they arrive at the place in Teletubbyland. Then, the sun giggles (with the magical event tune) and the Teletubbies just look around hearing an elephant trumpet sound, they run off to the destination and watch The Animal Parade (with elephant trumpet sound) march through Teletubbyland. After that, the sun screams happily. And then, the Teletubbies does The Jumping Dance (original version 'same version on Our Pig Winnie UK Version'). After the dance, the camera cuts to the Tubby Bye Bye sequence instead of the sun. And Tubby Bye Bye takes place in the end of the episode.


  • This was the last episode to show the Original sketch of The Lion and The Bear. The next two episodes containing the Lion and Bear, Asian Storyteller (The Fox) and Dragonflies would have the edited sketch.
  • After the Windmill stops spinning, a fade effect is not used between the scene of the Windmill and the Voice Trumpet rising. This also happened in Irish Dancing, Dragonflies (Chinese version), the Chinese version of Asian Storyteller (the fox), Tropical Fish, the US version of Colours (Colors in the US)-Blue  and Snowy Story.
  • Tinky Winky was the boo shouter in UK Version. Dipsy was the boo shouter in US Version.
  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby in UK Version. Po was the missing teletubby in US Version.
  • The US Version has The Animal Parade instead of the Lion and Bear because they're banned in US. Also, the US Version has The Jumping Dance.
  • But the UK Version has no dance, just only a magical event.

Watch Episode

Teletubbies Colours Brown - HD Video24:43

Teletubbies Colours Brown - HD Video

UK only

Teletubbies colors brown24:43

Teletubbies colors brown

For those outside of the UK

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