Colours - Blue



Air Date

12 December 1997


Nigel P Harris


Bell Ringing



It's time for tubby toast but the Noo-Noo keeps tidying up Tubby Toast. After the Teletubbies chase him, they watch some children learn about the colour blue.

Po looks up at the blue sky. A voice trumpet sings a 'blue sky' song and then Po and the flowers sing the song. Then three white clouds appear in the sky. Everyone sings a 'white clouds' song. Then the clouds turn grey and they all sing a 'grey clouds' song. Suddenly, the clouds begin to make thunder and it begins to rain. The voice trumpet sings a 'rain' song. Po runs away into the house and watches the rain as it falls. Then the rain stops and the clouds turn white again. Po runs back outside and then runs into a puddle. She sees the reflection of the clouds in the puddle and then she looks up as the clouds float away. The voice trumpet comes back and sings a 'blue puddle' song. When Po sings the song she suddenly notices her reflection in the puddle. She sings a 'Po puddle' song before running off to do the Splashing Dance with the other Teletubbies.

Featuring: The Children of Oxhey Infants School, Watford

Plot (US Version)

Laa Laa bounces her ball all over Teletubbyland. After that, the windmill spins and she joins the other Teletubbies and they watch some children learn about the color blue. Po watches the blue sky, white clouds, grey clouds, rain, and blue puddles. She runs inside the Home Hill just as it rains. After the raining stopped, she found a puddle and sees her reflection in it. She then catches up with the Teletubbies to watch the Three Ships before the Magic Windmill stops spinning for Tubby Bye-Bye.

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Teletubbies Colours Blue - HD Video

Teletubbies Colours Blue - HD Video

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Teletubbies- Colors - Blue (US Version)

Teletubbies- Colors - Blue (US Version)

US Version


  • The US Version has The Three Ships.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter and the missing Teletubby in both versions.
  • This is the first colours episode.
  • The Tubby Toast segment was featured in the VHS Oooh!
  • The Blue puddle segment was featured in the VHS Happy Weather Stories.
  • This is the first time that the voice trumpet sings a song that is not a nursery rhyme (in this case, the blue song). This also happens in Colours - Red


  • In the Catching the Tubby Toast scene, after the Narrator says Naughty Noo-Noo, a person can be seen walking in the background through one of the door's windows.

Notice the person's leg