Teletubbies Clay - Full Episode24:31

Teletubbies Clay - Full Episode

The Teletubbies watch two boys make models of heads out of clay. Dipsy is very pleased with himself when he discovers his Eyes, Mouth, Nose, and Ears. He shows Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa where their Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Ears are. Nobody can see Po's because she is wearing Dipsy's hat and it covers her head, naughty Po, so Dipsy chases her round Home Hill, then the Teletubbies entering in the house and have a Big Hug. The Magic Windmill stopped spinning (offscreen) and the Teletubbies take part in the Tubby Bye-Bye Sequence.

Featuring: Reuben & Liam Wachs


  • Dipsy was the missing teletubby.
  • Po was the boo shouter.

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