Teletubbies- Christmas in Spain - HD Video23:54

Teletubbies- Christmas in Spain - HD Video

Laa-Laa is fast asleep in her bed. She wakes up and says; 'Eh-oh!' and she goes back to sleep. She woke up and she remembered the snow. She danced and looked outside and it snowed. The Magic Windmill spins and the Teletubbies learn about a Spanish Christmas. Laa-Laa makes a snowball, which begins to roll and it gets bigger and bigger. The Tubbies chase the snowball around Teletubbyland, then the snowball chases the Tubbies. Finally, it rolls into Home Hill and the Noo Noo tidies it up.


  • Dipsy was the 'boo' shouter.
  • Tinky Winky was the missing teletubby


  • In the scene when the snowball rolls into the Tubbytronic Superdome, the Magic Windmill is missing on the hill.

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