The Teletubbies listen to a voice trumpet recite 'Christmas is a coming'. Then they watch some children buy a Christmas tree and decorate it. Then the Teletubbies learn about Christmas when a Christmas tree magically appears in Teletubbyland. And four presents appear on the tree, one for each Teletubby. Now the Teletubbies have their own Christmas presents and were very happy.

Featuring: Lewis Evans, Elliott and Jazzmin Fairhurst-Groethe and Anne-Marie Tuckwell


  • This is the first of five Christmas themed episodes from 1997.
  • Both the Christmas tree video and main segment were featured in the VHS Happy Christmas from the Teletubbies.
  • Tinky-Winky was the missing teletubby
  • Laa-Laa was the boo shouter.


Teletubbies- Christmas Tree - HD Video

Teletubbies- Christmas Tree - HD Video


  • In the opening segment, the voice trumpet goes down when the Windmill spins. But when the camera cuts back to the Teletubbies, the voice trumpet is still there.