Teletubbies- Chameleons - HD Video

Teletubbies- Chameleons - HD Video

Tinky Winky and Dipsy are standing on different hills. They hear Po coming and she arrives between the two hills. She asks Tinky Winky for a big hug and rushes up the hill to him. Then she asks Dipsy for a big hug and rushes up the other hill to Dipsy. Then the Teletubbies watch Michael, who lives in South Africa, as he looks for chameleons in his back garden. The Teletubbies play with Laa Laa's ball until it bounces away and they chase it throughout Teletubbyland.

Featuring: Michael, Garth and Daphne Hardie


  • This is the 300th episode of the series.
  • This is the last episode made in 1999.
  • Dipsy was the missing Teletubby
  • Po was the boo shouter