This is the house that the Puppet Man lives in.

Teletubbies- Carnival - Full Episode23:58

Teletubbies- Carnival - Full Episode

In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky is walking on a hill, Dipsy joins in too, Laa Laa joins in, and so as Po, they now say hello to the viewers. Then they rush off to watch Simone and Cacha make colourful costumes and then dance in a carnival. Then they do the Tip Toe Dance. Back in Teletubbyland, Laa Laa loves to play with her ball. Laa Laa bounced it so high. and back down. Laa Laa bounced the ball all the way to Po. Dipsy and then Tinky Winky, the ball now bounced in the Home Hill. The noo noo then sucked up Laa Laa's Ball, and then put it back outside to Laa Laa. Then the other Teletubbies hugged Laa Laa. Laa Laa loves her ball. Then they run off to the magical event of the Magic House with a singing puppet appearing in Teletubbyland until the Magic Windmill stops spinning for Tubby Bye Bye.

Featuring: Simone Selandy and Sacha Ajim Raphael

Plot (US Version)

The Teletubbies are flying some kites for a windy day. Even it's a strong windy day for Po, she flies on some kites, all the way to the field with rabbits, and flowers, and even the path. The trio goes after Po to the Home Hill. They met Po at the Home Hill, and the strong wind brings Po down the hole sliding down the pink slide. The Teletubbies runs in the Home Hill making sure Po was okay. Then they hug each other, and then the Magic Windmill starts spinning outside and the Teletubbies run out to watch Simone and Cacha make colorful costumes and then dance in a carnival. Then back in Teletubbyland, The Teletubbies do Follow The Leader Dance inside the Home Hill, before the Magic Windmill begins to spin, and then, It cuts to the Stock Footage from the Sandcastles and they say Uh Oh and run away and the Teletubbies run out to watch The Animal Parade (with elephant trumpet sound) marching through Teletubbyland before The magic windmill stops spinning for Time for Tubby Bye Bye as the sun sets.


  • When the windmill stops for Tubby Bye-Bye, it plays its stop spinning sound but when the windmill slows down the beginning of the stop spinning sound plays again.
  • The US Version has The Follow the Leader Dance instead of The Tip-toe Dance (extended version), Also It has the Stock Footage from the Sandcastles After The Follow The Leader Dance, and they say Uh Oh and run away after the Teletubbies see the Magic Windmill Spinning & they go do The Animal Parade (with the elephant trumpet sound) instead of The Singing Man in the Pink House (Bottom Left Window Sketch), after Follow the Leader Dance.
  • The boo shouter was Po in UK Version. The boo shouter was Laa-Laa in US Version.
  • The missing Teletubby was Laa-Laa in UK Version. The missing Teletubby was Tinky Winky in US Version.

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