Teletubbies - Delilah Packing24:23

Teletubbies - Delilah Packing

if the puppet man sings in the bottom right he wil sing with a random voice "meow ne moo naa a a a h ooh da da haaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo"

Episodes with this Window

Delilah Packing (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Number-Six (US Version) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Good Morning (US Version) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Flamenco Guitar (US Version) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Handy Hands (US Version) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Naughty Sock Returns (boo shouter was Dipsy)

Looking for Rabbits (US Version) (boo shouter was Dipsy)

Wrapping (boo shouter was Po)

Cat's Night Out (US Version) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Gospel Singing (US Version) (boo shouter was Dipsy)

Dog Kennel (boo shouter was Po)

Running (US Version) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Indian Dance (US Version) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Teletubbies: Happy Birthday! (DVD) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

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