★Teletubbies English Episodes★ Boom Boom Dance ★ Full Episode - HD (S08E207)23:48

★Teletubbies English Episodes★ Boom Boom Dance ★ Full Episode - HD (S08E207)

Teletubbies - Boom Boom Dance (1998)24:10

Teletubbies - Boom Boom Dance (1998)

The Teletubbies all sit down on a hill before watching some people do a dance called "The Boom-Boom Dance" to bongo music. In Teletubbyland, Tinky-Winky is sleeping and he does the Boom-Boom dance when he wakes up. Dipsy is going on a walk, and then does the Boom-boom dance. Laa-Laa is eating Tubby toast and then does the Boom-Boom dance. Po is riding on her scooter, and then does the Boom-Boom dance. The Teletubbies meet up and do the Boom-Boom dance together, even the Noo-Noo joins in. The "Tubby Bye-Bye" sequence takes place and The Baby Sun sets.

Featuring: The Kokuma Dance Company, The Children of Birmingham Settlement Nursery


  • Dipsy Was The Chosen Teletubby For The Transmission
  • Tinky Winky was both the missing teletubby and the boo shouter


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