Boo! Is a Teletubbies segment, it appeared in the episodes Haymaking and Hide and Seek


The segment begins with the Teletubbies popping over the hill and saying Boo!

The Magic Windmill Spins, the Teletubbies say Uh-Oh! and they run off to watch either Matthew, James and Mark Haymaking or Kids playing hide and seek


The Magic Windmill and the Teletubbies' House are visible in the Background.

In Haymaking, when the windmill spins, the Start Spinning animation appeared, in Hide and Seek, the Normal Animation plasters the Start Spinning animation.


When the Windmill spins, the sparkles appear then when it cuts back to the Teletubbies saying Uh-Oh!, they disappear(look in background) then Reappear when it cuts to the TV/Magical Event animation, the Same error also appeared in Hide and Seek.

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