Big and Small is a Cartoon Magical Event appeared in The Let's Learn English With The Teletubbies video of the same name.


Part 1

Part 1 begins with a bag (that looks like Tinky Winky's) that opens and closes as the word "bag" appeared and the bag opens and a smaller blue bag comes out meaning that the bag is big and the bag is small making the words "big" and "small" appear together. Then a ball (that looks like Laa Laa's) bounces and the word "ball" appears. Next, a scooter (that looks like Po's) rides itself and the word "scooter" appears. A kite is flying around and the word "kite" appears.

Part 2

Contuing with Part 2 with a umbrella that opens and closes and moves slowly down right to make the word "umbrella" appeared. Then a blue book appears with every page that has a letter of the same word and the book closes itself making the word "book" appeared. A balloon appears to be blowing up and going up to make the word "balloon" appeared. Last up, a hat (that looks like Dipsy's) floats gently down to make the word "hat" appeared and the hat lifted up to reveal another hat, but it's small making the words "big" and "small" appeared like the bags.


Part 1

  • bag
  • big
  • small
  • ball
  • scooter
  • kite

Part 2

  • umbrella
  • book
  • balloon
  • hat
  • big
  • small


  • This is the the only time that the Teletubbies favorite things are 2D animated rather than live action and video game forms.
  • This the only time that the words "big" and "small" appeared in both parts of the segment.


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