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Big Hug Laa-Laa

A Video of the demo of Lullaby Laa00:34

A Video of the demo of Lullaby Laa

Big Hug/Lullaby Laa-Laa is a glow plush toy by Tomy. It is yellow (obviously because Laa-Laa's yellow) with stars and banana shaped moons (half moons) all over her. When you hug her, she says Ahhh! and when you kiss her nose, she giggles. Also plays a lullaby of the Teletubbies theme and her tummy glows different colours. Maybe you can use this for bed or for your baby to go to sleep. It plays a soft soothing lullaby of the theme song when you press her right hand.

There is also Big Hug/Lullaby Po.

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