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Big Hug! is the 6th Teletubbies VHS volume released in 1999. It mainly features the Teletubbies having fun and of course, giving big hugs.

Featuring: Andy Brown, Tamzin Griffin, Francesca Rutherford & Jack Western and The Children of Ravenor School, Greenford
Teletubbies Big Hug! 1 (HD)15:47

Teletubbies Big Hug! 1 (HD)

Teletubbies Big Hug! 2 (HD)46:22

Teletubbies Big Hug! 2 (HD)



  • Since the Big Hug catchphrase was so popular, BBC decided to make a video about it. (even though some of the segments like Dipsy and Laa Laa's walk and the Magic Flower Cloud don't have anything to do with the phrase)
  • This is the very 1st time that "Big Hug!" Catchphrase becomes a running gag.
  • The Magic Windmill freezes immediately after the Teletubbies have one last big hug. Then they heard the wind and watched the Windmill stop. Instead of cutting back to the Teletubbies as they say Uh Oh! and run away, it faded right to the Tubby Bye-Bye Segment and ending credits.
  • This also happens in Paddling Pool, when the Teletubbies remain sitting on the hill after the Lion and Bear sketch.
  • This is the only Teletubbies VHS to feature the Funny Lady
  • On the Dutch version of this episode called "Dikke Knuffel", A different TV Event is shown instead of Funny Lady.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter
  • The missing teletubby was Tinky-Winky


  • In the first TV event on this Volume, Po has Laa Laa's sound on her head tail instead of her other one.

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