Teletubbies Becky's Flake Cakes - HD Video24:07

Teletubbies Becky's Flake Cakes - HD Video


The Teletubbies are feeling hungry, so they sit down to eat some Tubby Toast, but the Tubby Toaster isn't working. So they start pushing buttons but it doesn't work and they're still hungry. The Noo-noo tidies up around the Toaster and it begins to work. The Teletubbies are very happy and eat their Tubby Toast very quickly. Then the Teletubbies watch Becky make treats for her friend Mark.

Featuring: Marc Connor and Rebecca Thomas

Plot (US Version) ("Becky's Chocolate Treats")

The Teletubbies do The Up and Down Dance before they run outside and the windmill spins, and the Teletubbies runs to watch Becky make chocolate treat cakes for her friend Mark. Then, the Teletubbies want Tubby Toast but the Tubby Toaster isn't working for some reason. However, when Noo Noo tidies up around the Tubby Toaster, he pushes a button and the Tubby Toaster is working again. Then, the magic windmill starts spinning and the Teletubbies run off to watch The Magic Tree grow in Teletubbyland. Afterwards, the sun giggles for Tubby Bye-Bye.


  • Tinky Winky was the boo shouter in UK Version. Dipsy was the boo shouter in US Version.
  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby in UK Version. Po was the missing Teletubby in US Version.
  • Both UK and US Version of this episode, the video gets played once.
  • The US Version has The Up and Down Dance before The TV Reciever Event. Also, the US Version has The Magic Tree after the next segment.

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