Animal Sounds is a Teletubbies Segment. It appeared in the episode Animal Plates.


Somewhere in the hills of Teletubbyland, singing is heard. Tinky Winky walks into the scene and says Eh-Oh to the audience, then comes closer and says Eh-Oh again. Suddenly, Tinky Winky hears a noise, and turns around to see a Voice Trumpet rising, prompting him to say "Ooooh! What's that?" The Voice Trumpet tunes up, and Tinky Winky listens intently. The Voice Trumpet then says "Baaaaa!" like a sheep. It repeats itself until Tinky Winky picks up on it and starts to baa himself, much to his amusement.

Just then, Tinky Winky hears somebody coming. It was Dipsy! After saying Eh-Oh to each other, Tinky Winky shows Dipsy the Voice Trumpet, prompting an "Ooooh!" response from Dipsy. Then the Voice Trumpet starts baaing again, and so does Tinky Winky. Dipsy then starts to baa like a sheep as well, and the two Teletubbies share a good laugh from this. But then, Dipsy hears and sees another Voice Trumpet rising next to him! After another bout of ooohing, Dipsy's Voice Trumpet tunes up, and the two boys listen. The Voice Trumpet says "Moooooooo!" like a cow. Dipsy hears this and then copies the sound. Tinky Winky also starts mooing. Then, Tinky Winky's Voice Trumpet starts baaing again, and the two boys return the favor by baaing like sheep again, thereby making them laugh.

Suddenly, the boys hear someone else coming. It was Laa Laa! The three exchange Eh-Ohs, and then the boys present their two Voice Trumpets to Laa Laa, and she says "Ooooh!" in response. When Tinky Winky's Voice Trumpet started baaing, the trio also started baaing. And when Dipsy's Voice Trumpet started mooing, the trio also started mooing in likewise fashion, prompting a laugh from the three of them. But then, Laa Laa hears yet another Voice Trumpet, which appears right beside her! Everyone Oooohs, then the Voice Trumpet tunes up. This time, Laa Laa's Voice Trumpet says "Meeeeooooow!" like a cat. Laa Laa picks up on it and starts meowing too, and so do the boys. Then the other two Voice Trumpets moo and baa, and the trio copy both sounds in return, once again making them laugh.

Then, once again, the three Teletubbies hear someone coming. It was Po! Once again, everyone says Eh-Oh to each other, then Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Laa Laa present their trio of Voice Trumpets to Po, which makes her Ooooh in return. Tinky Winky's Voice Trumpet started baaing, so everyone started baaing too. The cycle then repeats with Dipsy and Laa Laa's Voice Trumpets, with everyone mooing and meowing all over the place! And then, to everyone's surprise, a fourth Voice Trumpet rises next to Po! Everyone Oooohs again, and when Po's Voice Trumpet tunes up, everyone listens closely. "Oink oink oink, oink! Oink!" Everyone laughed, for the Voice Trumpet was oinking like a pig! The four Teletubbies start oinking too, to the point where they all fell down laughing! Then Laa Laa's Voice Trumpet started meowing, and so did everyone else, and then they all fell down laughing again! Then Dipsy's Voice Trumpet (and everyone else) started to moo like cows, and once again the Teletubbies all fell down in a fit of laughter! Then last but not least, Tinky Winky's Voice Trumpet started to baa like a sheep again. So everyone was baaing like a herd of sheep, and then all four of them fell down, and they were all laughing! Even the Baby Sun was giggling in approval! However...

When the Teletubbies finally stop laughing and get up, they hear whooshing. They turn their heads to see the Magic Windmill spinning, summoning them to a TV Event. The Teletubbies all say Uh-Oh, and they flee the scene while the Voice Trumpets start going down, ending the segment.

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