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The Animal Parade Game is a matching up game on the Teletubbies website on Cbeebies. In this game you have to match up the Animals from the Animal Parade with thier pairs.

The GamePlay

The Teletubbies arrive on screen with the Windmill spinning behind them. Click on the Start button and they go to a further hill. The Narrator says "One day in Teletubbyland, something appeared from far away". Nine colourful flowers with pictures of the Animals appear on the screen and the Animal Parade tune starts playing ( It's just a repetition of the Tigers and Penguins tune). An Animal will appear and the Teletubbies say "What's That?" click on the picture of the same Animal and match it with it's pair , when you find it's match , the other Animal will appear and the pair will march off together. When all the Animals are matched with thier pairs , they will all march together in the order from the Television Programme, when all the Animals are gone you can play the game again by clicking the Again Again button.


The Animals look very different in this game with lots of different colours and patterns

When you play the Game nowadays the Sky is purple for some reason , it use to be blue ( Something must have messed up in the Game )



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