Not to be confused with the 2016 episode of the same name.

Again-Again! (Terrific Times and Fanastic Fun)


Vic Finch

Paul Gawith





Again-Again! is a Teletubbies DVD/VHS released in 2003 (2004 in America) by BBC and Ragdoll Productions.

Featuring: Children from Taunton Street Children's Centre, Manchester, England, Augustus Betz, Leia Kennedy and Duncan Mackinnon

Teletubbies Everywhere- International Inserts: INDIA- Chyealis Films, WALES- BBC WALES


Teletubbies Again Again australian Cover

Teletubbies again again

US DVD Cover

Teletubbies again again vhs

US VHS Cover


Teletubbies Everywhere 

  • Rolling Wheels (India) (US version only)
  • Feeding the Lambs (Wales)

Teletubbyland Segments

  • Five Voice Trumpets play music (From Tropical Fish)
  • Dipsy's Special Dance (From Indian Dancing, cut from main feature in US Version)
  • The Teletubbies practice Skipping (From Skipping, US version only)
  • Po rides her Scooter (From Fox Cubs)
  • Tricycles
  • Laa Laa plays indoors and the other Teletubbies play outdoors (From Welly Walk)
  • Playing with Dough
  • Tubby Custard Machine won't work (From Milking the Cows)

Special Features for US Version

  • Obstacle Course
  • Dipsy's Special Dance


Thumb IMG 0872 1024

Title Card

Teletubbies - Again Again! (UK Version)01:00:54

Teletubbies - Again Again! (UK Version)

UK Version

Teletubbies Again-Again!01:08:27

Teletubbies Again-Again!

US Version


  • The UK and US cover are both Green and Dipsy is the closest.
  • This DVD/VHS also features A rare animation of the Windmill.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter in the UK and US but then Tinky Winky ending.
  • Dipsy was the missing Teletubby in both versions

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